Some songs by Sriharini

My daughter Sriharini has learnt Indian classical music for several years. She sings classical music as well as Indian film songs (Telugu and Hindi). Having been born and brought up in US, she sings western pop music as well.

Variation is her gift. She can capture the mood, voice modulation, emotion and tone of different styles and comfortable with all of them. I love the way her voice modulation and expression adapts beautifully, whether she sings an intense prayer like "Bho Shambho" or a playful "Set fire to the rain" by Adele or a passionate "Shatrangi re" by Sonu Nigam or a soulful and innocent "Dil to bachcha hai ji" by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or a sultry "Maiya maiya" by Maryem Tollar or a melodious and tilting "Sooraj hua maddham" by Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam.

We will try to properly record more songs by her later. But here is a small preview with some songs recorded on cell phone when she was casually singing for us at home. Please ignore the talk/sounds in the background and abrupt beginning/end in some recordings. She is busy with studies and I have to wait to record more.

Classical Carnatic Music

"Bho Shambho Shivashambho" - a Sanskrit composition on Lord Shiva: Click here for MP3 audio

"Anandamrutakarshini Amruta Varshini" - a Sanskrit composition by Sri Muttuswamy Dikshitar on Divine Mother: Click here for MP3 audio

"Shiva Shiva Shiva yana raadaa" - a Telugu composition by Sri Tyagaraja on Lord Shiva: Click here for MP3 audio

"Dhim ta na na - nee murali madhuri" - a thillana with just a few Telugu words on Lord Krishna: Click here for MP3 audio

Bollywood songs

Coming soon..


"Set Fire To The Rain" (Adele) with ukulele cover: click here for audio & video on youtube.

"Bottle It Up" (Sara Bareilles) with ukulele cover: click here for audio & video on youtube.

"Sweet Pea" (Amos Lee) with ukulele cover: click here for audio & video on youtube.

"Gray or Blue" (Jaymay) with ukulele cover: click here for audio & video on youtube.

I hope you enjoyed this small collection. This collection will grow. Please check again.

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